Unit One

Unit Two

Unit Three  

Unit Four

Unit Five

Unit Six

The Case of the Missing Scarf

Determined to Win: Babe Didrikson

Three Tricky Tales

Presidential Pooches

Drawing Highland

Towns of the West, from Boom to Bust

Survival in the Sahara Desert


Coretta Scott King

Marie Curie

The Dragon's Dinner

The Tiger-Stripe Potion

The History of Acadia National Park

The Story of Silk

Dream Jobs for Kids

Giant Dams: Waterpower Wonders

The (Really!) Great Barrier Reef

Discovering Tutankhamen

Summer in Space

Thomas Alva Edison

Quileute Legends

Looking at Whales

Beautiful or Not

Against the Wind: James H Banning

X Marks the Spot

Snakes in North America


Tide Pools

Cattle-Driving Horses of the Old West

Grasshoppers and Crickets