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Coretta Scott King

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Why do you think the author wrote about Corette Scott King?  List some clues to why the author wrote about Coretta Scott King in an Author's Purpose Map.  Then tell the author's purpose.  Use your map to write a summary about Coretta Scott King's life.


Think and Compare

1. Skim Chapter 1 of Coretta Scott King.  How do you think the writer feels about segregation?  What facts support these ideas?


2. Do you think that nonviolent actions are the best way to bring about change?  Explain why or why not.


3. Big changes in history often come from one person standing up for what is right.  What might the history books say about Coretta Scott King?


Conduct an Interview

Pretend you are a newspaper reporter interviewing Coretta Scott King.  Write at least five questions you would like to ask Coretta Scott King.  Be sure to use: who, what, where and when questions.

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