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Giant Dams: Waterpower Wonders

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List arguments for or against dams using this week's story Giant Dams: Waterpower Wonders.  Then use the information and the photos in the story to summarize what you have learned.


Think and Compare

1. After skimming pages 16 and 17 tell what bad effects will the building of the Three Gorges Dam have on China?


2. If you could visit any of the dams you have read about, which one would you choose and why?


3. What effects do dams have on environments all around the world?  What do you think is the worst environmental effect that you read about?


Support Your Opinion

Write a paragraph that tells your opinion about dams.  Do you think they are good sources of energy?  Do you think they cause damage to the environment?  Do dams help or harm the people who live near them?  Support your opinion with your reasons and facts from this week's story.

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