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Marco Polo

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Evaluate each of the sentences below to decide whether it is a fact or an opinion.  Then use the sentences to write a summary about Marco Polo

  • At this time, the Mongol Empire ruled much of Asia.
  • Kubiai Khan ruled Cathay.
  • Khan was the greatest ruler.
  • Marco soon felt at home in Mongol society.
  • His stories were divided into four fascinating books.


Think and Compare

1. Skim the last paragraph on page 11.  Which sentences are facts?  Which sentences contains opinions?


2. Would you like to meet and talk to Marco Polo?  What would you ask him?


3. Modern technology has speeded up travel and communication.  How might Marco Polo explore the world if he was alive today?  Where do you think Marco would travel?  Explain.


Meet Marco Polo

We can take an educated guess about what kind of person Marco Polo was, based on what he did, saw, and wrote about.  Write a short personality paragraph telling what you think he was like as a person.

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