Unit One

The Mystery of the Missing Lunch

A Walk in the Desert

Animals Come Home to Our National Parks

The Astronaut and the OnionThe Astronaut and the Onion

The Raft


Unit Two

Mighty Jackie: The Strike-out Queen

My Diary from Here to There

Stealing Beauty

How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning

Dear Mr. Winston


Unit Three

Roadrunner's Dance

My Brother Martin

Kid Reporters at Work

Mystic Horse

Snowflake Bentley


Unit Four

Dear Mrs. LaRue

The Blind Hunter

The Power of Oil

Adelina's Whales

At Home in the Coral Reef


Unit Five

Because of Winn-Dixie

Ranita, The Frog Princess

Exploring the Undersea Territory

Me and Uncle Romie

Wild Horses


Unit Six

The Gold Rush Game

The Cricket in Time Square

Meet a Bone-ified Explorer

My Brother's Flying Maching

The Life and Times of the Ant