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Quileute Legends

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Using the Sequence Chart record the events of the legend you liked best.  Then use your chart to summarize the legend.


Think and Compare

1. Skim page 5 of Quileute Legends.  What happened after the woman put the wolf down in the midst of other wolves?


2. In "The Great Spirit and Thunderbird," Thunderbird is very stubborn and will not stop hunting whales.  Have you ever had to deal with someone who was just plain stubborn?  What did you do to try to change them?


3. In "The Legend of Thunderbird," the Great Chief had the responsibility of keeping the people safe.  What can people do today to keep people safe?


Describe a Scene

Draw a picture of the event or scene in Quileute Legends you liked best.  Below your picture, write a paragraph describing what happened and why you liked it.

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