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Survival in the Great Basin Desert

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Using a Main Idea Chart list the main ideas and details found in the book.  Use the information in the chart to summarize the book.


Think and Compare

1. Skim page 12.  What adaptations does the pronghorn antelope have for living in a cold desert?


2. Many people headed to the Great Basin Desert in the late 1800's, lured by the shimmer of gold.  Would you have left you home to seek your fortune in Nevada?  Explain why.


3. Why is it important for people living in the desert to consider the needs of surrounding communities when they search for ways to get water?


Write a Poem

Write a poem about the desert.  Use descriptive words in your poem.  Try to paint a picture of the desert by comparing it to something your familiar with.  You might also try to use some of the vocabulary words.

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