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The (Really!) Great Barrier Reef

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List a few facts that you have learned about the Great Barrier Reef.  Then write some opinions about the Great Barrier Reef.  Use the information from your chart to summarize what you learned from reading The (Really!) Great Barrier Reef.


Think and Compare

1. Skim pages 5 and 6.  What are some facts did you learn about coral.  Write your opinions about coral too.


2. What other information would you like to learn about the Great Barrier Reef?  How can you find out more about this reef?


3. Why is it so important for people to learn about endangered areas?


Write a Brochure

Using the facts from The (Really!) Great Barrier Reef design a travel brochure about the Great Barrier Reef.  Include drawings and text to explain why a tourist would enjoy visiting the reef.

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