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The Dragon's Dinner

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Using a Making Judgments Flow Chart record actions and judgments from the play.  Then summarize The Dragon's Dinner.


Think and Compare

1. Skim over page 5.  Do you think Matthew when he judged the Knight as selfish?


2. The Queen gets cranky when she is hungry.  What things make you get cranky?  Why does this make you cranky?  What do you do to make yourself feel better?


3.  Why is Queen causing such commotion when she is looking for her missing daughter?  Do you know someone that act like this when they don't get their way?


Scene 6

Write another scene for The Dragon's Dinner, using the play as your model.  Choose one of these following topics for your scene:

  • What happens next at the dragon's keep
  • What happens next back at the castle
  • What happens next to the Knight

When your scene is finished, read it aloud to your group, acting out all of the parts.




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