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The Tiger-Stripe Potion

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Use a Theme Map to record clues about the theme of The Tiger-Stripe Potion.  Then use the information in the map to write a summary of the story.



Think and Compare

1.  Look back at page 18.  What did Asha learn about tigers?


2.  Asha was afraid that Kartik would hurt her because he was a tiger.  Think about a time you judged a person based on how he or she looked or dressed.  Where you correct?  Explain your answer.


3.  Is it right for people to wear fur coats?  Why or why not?


A New Chapter

Write a new chapter for The Tiger-Stripe Potion, using the chapters in the story as a model.  Some suggestions: What happens the next time Asha and Kartik meet?


When your chapter is finished, share it with a friend.

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