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Towns of the West, from Boom to Bust

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Use a Cause and Effect Diagram to record information about what caused the growth of Old West boomtowns.  Then record what happened to these boomtowns.  Use the information to summarize the book.


Think and Compare

1.  Turn pages 4-5.  Describe the tools prospectors would use to find gold.  How would they use them?


2.  If you making a journey to the West in 1849 what would you bring with you?  Explain why.


3.  As the settlers moved into the West they cut down trees and cleared forests.  What effects do you think this had on the animals that lived in the wilderness?  Do you think animals are affected by what people do today/


Write a Journal Entry

Pretend you are living in a boomtown in California in the 1800's.  It is the end of the day.  Write an entry in your journal telling what your day was like and how you feel about moving to this new town.  Reread pages 10-11 to help.

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