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X Marks the Spot

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Using a Setting Flow Chart describe the different settings of the story.  Then use the information in your chart to help you summarize the story.


Think and Compare

1. Jamal lives in the city, but goes to the ranch on a vacation.  Use X Marks the Spot to tell how both places are the same and how they are different.


2. At first Jamal was afraid of the bats, but then he felt better.  Think about the last time you were afraid of something and tell about it.


3. When Jamal and his mom were downstream, they raced across the lake.  Was Jamal upset when he lost to his mother?  Would most children be upset if they lost a race to one of their parents.  Would you, why or why not?


Write a Postcard

Write a postcard from Jamal to one of his friends telling about his week on the ranch.  Think about what information Jamal would want to tell his friend and what things he wouldn't want his friends to know about.

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