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Young Inventors

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Choose two inventions mentioned in Young Inventors.  Note what the inventions have in common and how they are different from one another.


Think and Compare

1. Skim chapter one.  What inspired Louis Braille to invent his system of writing?  How did Philo Farnsworth solve the problem of transmitting a picture?  How are their stories similar and how are they different?


2. Have you ever invented anything yourself?  Would you like to invent something?  What would you choose to invent?


3. How would the world be different without inventions like the Braille Alphabet and television?  Explain.


Solve a Problem

There are two islands, you have to get an elephant from one island to the other.  Invent a way to get the elephant to the other island.  Draw a picture showing you invention in your journal.  Then write a short description of your invention.

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